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2015 Edition Certifications on ONC CHPL

As of Nov 8, 2016

The table below is a copy list from ONC CHPL with analysis from Chart Lux personnel. Please note the "as of" date above as the snap shot of information reviewed and refer to CHPL itself for the most current, real-time details. Chart Lux analysis and commentary on certified EHRs and assumptions on status of certification is based on experience and expertise from the ONC program but does not reflect insider knowledge from developers and should be consider as commentary and not factual reporting.

Same story before in terms of slow progress on 2015 Edition certifications. Since our analysis last month, only a few updates.

Epic updated its 2016 version of its core product line by adding CQMs. If you are searching on the CHPL, you will notice their EpicCare Ambulatory EHR Suite and Inpatient EHR Suite each have two "Epic 2016" versions certified. However, one is withdrawn by request of the developer and the other is active. Apparently as they expand their certification scope they are maintaining their "Epic 2016" version identification and withdrawing outdated instances. Current ONC rules do not allow a certification entry to be removed from the CHPL so these withdrawn entries will remain on the CHPL indefinitely to be searched and even selected. Users should be alert to this. 

Epic also certified their "Epic 2015" version of their EpicCare Ambulatory EHR Suite and Inpatient EHR Suite product lines, which as its name indicates is just the previous version of their core product.  

Epic also added two public health systems for their Epic 2015 line: Beaker Reportable Labs (for ELR - 315.f.3) and Syndromic Surveillance (315.f.2). 

We also have our first 2015 Edition certification from McKesson with their McKesson Lab product. This product performs the ELR public health report function for hospital, and that criterion (315.f.3) is Gap-eligible for 2015 Edition certification. This means they likely did not need to do any updates, if at all, to be 2015 Edition certified. 

Last addition is Summit Healthcare's Express Connect product. It is a transport engine, and its 2014 Edition certification was just some privacy and security criteria. Its 2015 Edition certification is similar and appears to be primarily criteria that is Gap-eligible for certification. 

To see the archive of the past analysis of CHPL updates, click here.

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