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Enhanced CHPL Search

A few weeks ago, ONC made some nice enhancements to their CHPL. They have added specific pages for listing decertification (not the pages a developer wants to be on) and also finally adds some downloadable CSV delimited files for showing all certified products (under the Resources tab). Previously, you could only get the full list via a XML file which was not easy for human reading, and this is a much improved .

Their list serv notification is copied below.

NEW Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL) Update The Certified Health IT Products List (ONC CHPL) has been updated thanks to the Enhanced Oversight and Accountability Final Rule.

What’s new?

  • Three new surveillance reports are available as downloadable csv files on CHPL Resources.

  • The CHPL hosts two new pages to reflect health IT products that are no longer certified and developers who are precluded from certifying health IT products under the Enhanced Oversight and Accountability Final Rule. This data includes all known decertified products for the 2014 edition as well as 2015 edition and will continue to be updated as certification statuses change.

  • The CHPL now will display the results of all surveillance activities for certified products. This data is required to be updated quarterly so the first release is expected in April. However, the setup for the new data is now in place.

What’s not changing?

  • Found certification non-conformities will continue to be updated on a weekly basis.

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