HIT Policy Analysis

Expert analysis and insight into the government legislation and regulation activities as well as other key efforts in healthcare IT which can impact your business. 

  • Options for one-time, ad-hoc focus on a specific policy effort or on-going monthly meetings to discuss healthcare IT landscape.

  • Receive both deep dive analysis and high-level gudiance for engineers, project managers and C-level executivies. 

  • Summary reports on all key government legislation and regulations.

  • Customized reports with recommendations of actions based on your organization’s needs.

  • Availability to discuss strategic objectives and activities with management and operations teams involving government legislation and regulations.

  • Unlimited email access to Chart Lux on questions on government policy and regulations affecting healthcare IT.

ONC 2015 Edition Certification

Concentrated and detailed analysis of ONC 2015 Edition criteria leading to creating a customized roadmap plan for development and testing of your healthcare IT system. Support for product management efforts and mock testing. 

  • Conference call to discuss certification needs, status of product and resource availability for achieving certification.

  • Analysis of each criteria and test procedure with emphasis on confusing, challenging and “hidden” requirements from each test procedure.

  • Work with engineering team to create roadmap for development and testing milestones.

  • Monthly check-ins to evaluate progress and make adjustments as necessary.

  • Mock testing simulates ONC ATL testing complete with report identifying likelihood of passing each criteria as well as problem areas and weak points. 

ONC Certification Surveillance Insurance and Care


Preventive and post-complaint support regarding minimizing impact of surveillance from both ONC-ACBs and ONC Direct review. Analysis on existing non-compliance affecting other developers with recommendations to prevent similar non-compliances from being filed against your certified HIT system.

  • Exclusive quarterly newsletter and report describing current surveillance activities being undertaken by the Authorized Certification Bodies of the ONC.

  • If charged with a non-compliance by ONC-ACB or ONC, support in interpreting requests, creating plan to address it and guidance on submitting necessary documentation to resolve the issue.

  • If selected for randomized, in-the-field surveillance, support in interpreting requests, creating plan to address it and guidance on submitting necessary documentation to resolve the issue.

  • Annual review of website to compliance with ONC disclosure requirements and other surveillance activities.

Additional Healthcare IT Work

Customized work and support on other healthcare IT initiatives are available such as product development management, quality system management consulting, QA testing efforts and other support is available. Contact us to discuss a proposal.