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2015 Edition Certifications on ONC CHPL

Archive of Update/Analysis


October 7, 2016 Update

While the ATLs are busying with testing many products on 2015 Edition criteria, there is still not much change in the number of certified products. In the last 6 weeks, only one new product has been added, Dynamic Health IT's CQMsolution certifying on all ambulatory and inpatient CQMs. 

Aug 26, 2016 Update

Currently there are 11 certifications from 3 different developers (Carefluence and ModuleMD are essentially the same). ModuleMD is currently just referencing the same certified criteria from Carefluence based on its FHIR API capabilities. They will likely be adding more modules to their system over time. The Carefluence API system is likely finished in terms of certification scope. 

Epic has its main ambulatory and inpatient systems certified with a large number of criteria certified, although they are not certified in the Automated Measures (g.2) or CQM (c.1-c.4) or Direct (h.1 or h.2) so it is not clear if they will be updating these certified systems to add these criteria to be CEHRT or if they will have separate systems certified in this criteria, like they have done with their public health applications.

The three Allscripts products are mid-stream of 2015 Edition certification. They currently each have 16-17 certified modules, and they will be adding modules to these products to eventually cover nearly all of the CEHRT criteria. 

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