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FHIR Service Base URL Bundle for 315.g.10

Updated March 7, 2026

Due by 12/31/2024 for any EHR certified to 315.g.10, developers must add support for a FHIR bundle identitfying the FHIR service base URL and organizational information for all of their customers who have their FHIR server deployed. 

The intent is to support end users who use 3rd party FHIR apps to look up their respective provider or hospital via these various bundles obtained from EHR vendors. Since patients typically don’t know the EHR their provider is using and instead only know their provider, this provider information needs to be available and associated with a FHIR service base URL that the FHIR app can use. 

For each customer, the developer includes their practice name, practice location (address), and a facility ID, along with the FHIR service base URL. The practice address must be published in the “address” element of the Organization resource. ONC stated that they believe it is a reasonable expectation that developers will have this customer address information available, although developers may want to enable the customer to record this information directly into their FHIR deployment. The format or standard for the national ID is left to every developer. 

The information for each practice must be recorded in FHIR Organization resource and FHIR Endpoint resource. The FHIR Endpoint resource must reference the FHIR Organization resource. ONC chose the base FHIR profiles of these resources instead of the more constrained US Core version to allow developers more flexibility. 

While it is presumed this new change will be certified via vendor self-attestation, it will likely be monitored by ONC and the ONC-ACBs via the ONC Lantern ToolYou can test this at a special Inferno test tool suite: It provides an example Service Base URL or I have provided one as well.

Example Service Base URL Bundle.

Or its URL to enter directly into Inferno is

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