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ONC CHPL Support of ACB Certification IDs

On August 5, 2016, ONC added a much needed feature to its Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL) which had been dropped in its recent conversion to the new "Open Data" format.

User can now search based on the ONC-ACB issued certification ID as well as developer name and product name as well as many other filtering options. When an ONC-ACB certifies a health IT system, it issues a unique ID, like "" (the new format) or "12302015-4941-8" (the old format). This ID is found on the certification certificate given to the developer by the ONC-ACB, and it is found on the website of the developer.

This ID was a common method for users to search and locate their certified health IT system on the previous version of the CHPL and dropping it as a search option confused many clinicians and developers. Having it back is a welcome addition.

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