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Change in Inpatient eCQM Reporting

Last week, we had highlighted the August issued IPPS/LTCH Final Rule from CMS on our blog. This week we found a good post from Acmeware, a quality reporting and eCQM developer, on the changes CMS was making to eCQM reporting for both the Meaningful Use Inpatient program and Hospital IQR Program.

In summary, some of inpatient CQMs have been dropped, and now there are 16 available measures to report on in CY 2017 for the EHR Incentive Program (and just 15 for Hospital IQR). Also, if electronically reporting, hospitals only need to submit on 8 CQMs, but those who still manually attest must report on all 16 available CQMs. Systems ONC certified for inpatient CQMs should check out the updated list to make sure they do provide the necessary coverage for their customers.

Their blog does a good breakdown of the details.

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